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Most cannabis growers are interested in getting high yields from their crops rather than bothering to know the genetics of the mother plants. A farmer wants to be sure that all the plants will grow at the same rate and be ready for cutting, which is maturity at the same time.

This assurance among others is why starters of cannabis farming will choose to start their nurseries with healthy clones cut from healthy mother plants. A grower will need to know what they are looking for before they can go shopping for clones online.

The vendor selling the clones ought to be elaborate on the process they go through when growing their mothers detailing every aspect of it to the point where they cut and produce the clones.

Ensuring Weed Clone Mothers are Healthy

The grower intending to buy a clone needs to analyze the mother from which the clone was cut to make sure it is healthy. To help them do this, they need to ask themselves the following questions on getting to the farm:

  • Are the leaves of the plants yellowing or indicating any signs of scorching?
  • On looking closely below the mother’s blades, can they spot anything moving or eggs?
  • Can they locate any powdery substances or mold growing on any of the mother’s surface?
  • Is the soil’s PH right?

If all of the above check out, then that is one healthy plant and any clone cut from that plant is guaranteed to give high yields. When examining the mothers, make sure they inquire from the vendor whether they mix their strains or use only one strain.

Choose your clones carefully by making sure the strain from their mothers is unique so that you will not end up growing the same plant as everyone else is. Having a single strain will mean that your plants will be fast moving as they will stand out from the others.

Buy Weed Clones Online

Buy Weed Clones Online


Arrange for Transport of weed clones safely

The mode of transport to use when transporting the clones is as important as growing them. As the grower, you need to consider that you will be driving around with plants and not seeds. The plants will require much more care as compared to grains.

Another problem with transportation is one with the authorities. Different regions and countries have varying rules on clone purchasing. In some areas, these regulations can be confusing where you have buying clones being legal, but as soon as they start flowering, they consider the plants illegal. Take care of all the logistics before transporting.

Analyzing Clones to be bought

  • Gently try to pull the plant to make sure it is well rooted.
  • Ensure that the color of the plant’s leaves is dark green.
  • The plants should have white roots.
  • Ensure that the plants’ leaves are straight and not curled.
  • Check the plant’s leaves and stems to ensure they do not have mildew on them or any signs of eggs.
  • Finally, using a magnifying glass, ensure there are no bugs on the plant. Shake the plant to be sure no bugs drop.

When all of the above checks out, you can proceed to make your purchase. Do not go for any clones that do not pass the above tests. Those that do not will spell doom for you at a later stage, and you will not be able to get clones from the plants once they are matured.


Plant your clones as soon as you get them to their home. For one reason or another and you are not able to do this, make sure that the clones are watered using a well-diluted solution with the necessary nutrients. The clones should be in a room with a low light intensity to prevent the leaves from curling. After preparing the place, you intend to plant them, transfer the clones and happy growing.


Buy Weed Clones Online

How to Take Care of a Clone

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Take Care of a Clone

Update February 23, 2019

More and more we are finding taking care of your marijuana clones is delicate art that requires much more than just water, lighting and good air/CO2 combination. As the clone strains get more and more robust the complexities of nurturing your weed clones it becomes more detrimental to learn the delicate nuances of helping your clones thrive.

Farmers usually prefer growing clones to any other method of cultivating marijuana.Cloning is quicker and cheaper hence a more effective way of getting genetically identical buds. Cutting ensures you get similar yields from the mother plant.  Even though cloning is cost effective and a smooth process it is tedious, and wrong handling can result to loss.

Marijuana plants are so sensitive in the early stages, and special care is vital in ensuring the clones grow healthy. Ensure you inspect the cuttings before leaving the store and report any issue to the retail staff.

This article will give you tips on how to ensure the clones grow healthy and active.


  1. Lighting

Clones must be under 24 hours of light in the dispensaries. More light makes the roots grow faster. They mostly use the fluorescent or LED lighting. Artificial lighting ensures that the lighting is not as powerful as the heat and light from the sunlight.

Clones should never be taken directly to intense sunlight because they are likely to suffer from shock. Clones can only be introduced to the sunlight gradually after transplant. First, you can start with the partial shade and indirect sunlight. The shade ensures the heat is moderate to prevent the clones from going into shock.

  1. Moisture

The first two weeks after transplanting checking the humidity is crucial. The plant may be too dry to support growth.

If that’s the case, ensure you water the clones a couple of times a day, so they do not dry out.  In two weeks, the plant will start developing its robust roots system, and moisture will not be an issue. In case you are using a humidity dome, it is essential to be extra cautious to ensure the molds do not develop. Most domes have ventilation, which you can open when it starts being too misty.


How to Take Care of a Clone

How to Take Care of a Clone


  1. Rooting Hormone

Rooting powders or gels are available in the grow shops.  They contain hormones that assist in the growth of the clone roots. The gel is mostly preferred than the powder because it evenly coats the plant better. Always store the powder or gel in a cool, dry place. Check the sealing of the package before purchasing.  The product comes with a useful applicator tip, which makes it easy to handle and avoid contamination.

  1. Nutrients

When the plant is in the vegetative stage, feeding the plant with the right nutrients is essential. Feed the cuttings with high-quality nitrogen fertilizer. However, one week when rooting, reduce the nitrogen level and increase the phosphorus amount. The lower quantity of nitrogen in this stage help promotes rooting in clones.  Too much nitrogen inhibits the growth of roots in the mother clone.

  1. Use of willow tree water

It is a trick that has been adopted by many marijuana growers.  Willow tree water can produce incredible, vigorous root growth within a shorter period. It applies when willow water mixes with commercial growth hormone. It is possible to make your willow water by merely visiting the closest willow tree. Locate the branches, remove the leaves and cut the stem. The stem is later chopped and placed inside a jar and soaked overnight.  The soaking water hence acts as a root growth hormone.

  1. Storing clones in the fridge

Preserving clones in a cold refrigerator is possible. The temperature in the refrigerator should be kept above 4.4 degrees Celsius because anything below may damage the plant cells. Soak the clone in cold water and transfer it in a zip lock bag. Remember to open the zip bag at least once a week to let fresh air in the bag.


Cloning has proven to be an effective way of getting a healthy harvest.  However, without proper care, this may be impossible. Make sure you have all the necessary material before you start and you will be ready to enjoy the cloning process.

How to Take Care of a Clone

Clones for Sale Near Me – What to Look For

Clones for Sale Near Me – What to Look For

Selling Clones has become a popular method of making money and availing marijuana to users. Marijuana is illegal in many countries, but in countries where it is legal, it is possible to purchase a specific strain and clone it.

Users take marijuana for recreational purpose or for medical reasons. Anybody planning to buy clones cannot be sure if the cuttings purchased are a specific strain because there are very few ethical and professional clone sellers.

It is therefore essential to look for a reputable marijuana store to obtain quality plants.

Looking for a good store ensures you get clones that are free from pests and diseases and can produce a good harvest. It will also make sure you don’t lose your money or waste your time.

Clones for Sale Near Me – What to Look For

Clones for Sale Near Me – What to Look For

Here are some of the factors to consider when looking for weed clones for sale near me.

  1. Quality

When you plan to spend your hard-earned money, it is important to ensure the cannabis clones are worth it. It is important to do your research before visiting any store. Reviews from friends or customers that have visited the store can play a huge role. Take your time to research which place has high-quality.

  1. Type of strain

There are different marijuana strains available. You should ensure you look for a dispensary that has your preference.  Different Cannabis has different taste, color, and aromas.  There are those strains that make you feel active, and others make you feel chill. Dispensaries should have different strains that fit every mood and ailment.  It is essential to do your research if the shop you are considering has a variety of strains.

  1. Cost of the clones

Price is one of the critical factors to consider in making your decisions. Different shops have different rates, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes not.

The increase of clone stores has resulted in the decrease in the cost of cannabis.  However, when the price is too low, this might be an indicator of low quality. Always make sure you inspect marijuana clones before you buy. Even when the cost is low, the class should not be.  On the other hand, stores that charge twice as much as other stores can be a sign of high-quality cannabis clones. Take your time to find out the reason before deciding to commit to one store.

  1. Staff available

Staffs available in the shop should be trustworthy and knowledgeable. Some customers may not have enough knowledge of cloning. It is therefore crucial for the teams to have enough experience to educate the buyer. The shop can also be in a location with different people from different races. The staff should be able to overcome language barriers when it comes to helping out buyers who do not have enough knowledge. The buyers should also have good ethics in dealing with demanding customers, and this may be a huge advantage to the shop in attracting new customers. Always be on the lookout for kind  and knowledgeable staffs when selecting a store.

  1. The atmosphere of the store

The atmosphere of the shop is very crucial in selecting where to purchase the clones. Not only is it welcoming, but it also gives you confidence in the quality of the purchase. Always opt to buy cuttings from a store that is clean and well maintained.


Finding a store that sells high-quality clones can be tricky.  It may be at times discouraging. Shop searching should be fun and should not feel like a chore. The critical thing is to ensure the clones are healthy and have the best genetics.

Clones for Sale Near Me What To Look For

Wedding Cake Kush

The strain is also known as pink Cookies. It is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. It is the perfect strain to end your day due to its relaxing effect that soothes the mind. The flavor is sweet with a touch of fruity tones.  The taste is a combination of cherry pie fruitness and cookies sweetness. The plant has a frosty look with dark green leaves. Its aroma is that of sweet vanilla with earthy notes. The sweetness of cannabis is highly dependent on the phenotypes. When exhaling, the strain of clones for sale sweetness comes out with some creamy taste similar to actual cake

Best Wedding cake kush strain clones

Depending on the grower preference, wedding cake Kush clones can be grown either outdoors or indoors. The flowering time of the strain is about 60 days. Using the indoors method produces a yield of about 12 to 16 ounces per square meter while the outdoors way also produces a moderate return of about 16 ounces per plant.

Weeding Cake Kush

Weeding Cake Kush

Wedding cake strain attributes

Most people use the strain for recreational purposes. Its THC levels are as high as 25%. It gives the user occasional giggles and a happy feeling. In a few minutes, the user can feel it throughout the body. The sense is that which is relaxing and can make the consumer feel lazy and sleepy. relaxes the body but keeps the mind awake.  It is also great for medical marijuana users because it is an antidepressant remedy due to its stress-relieving property. Plus relieves pain caused by inflammation or migraines.

Users are likely to suffer some side effects from smoking the strain, the dry mouth being one of the primary reaction the users get. Others include dizziness and anxiety.


  • Cherry pie
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Sweet
  • Vanilla
  • Nutty
  • Buttery
Wedding Cake Kush