Outpouring of Support Highlights Need for Change


I just wanted to take a quick minute to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has reached out to me.

I have been so overwhelmed! I think the outpouring of support just shows how important it was for me to share my story – because obviously it struck a chord with a lot of people.

I’d like to reiterate that none of my former coworkers are the issue here, it’s the policy.

As I said in my first video, those who worked with me every day trusted me and supported me. The decision to fire me was out of their hands – and came from a corporate attorney who had never even met me.

And that is precisely the problem. Companies should not have to live in fear of being held liable for an employee caught with small amounts of inactive THC in their system.

I was completely sober every day that I reported to work, and that’s what should matter.

I’m simply pointing out that if employees are allowed drink in their free time, it’s only logical that they have the option to use marijuana in their free time – because it’s a safer alternative.

That’s my message, and that’s why I’m speaking out – to draw attention to the unfair double standard.


15 thoughts on “Outpouring of Support Highlights Need for Change

  1. I live in Ohio. I am age 62 and smoked marijuana for 40 years; I quit 6 years ago because I didn’t feel safe around the people I had to buy it from. (They were involved in a lot more than marijuana sales.) I replaced it with wine, although I never drank before on a regular basis. I always hated alcohol and still don’t care much for its effects. My health went downhill as soon as I quit smoking pot on a daily basis. My blood pressure had always been normal, and soon after quitting, it got so high, I needed medication for it. I need marijuana for stress relief; instead I pop high blood pressure pills twice a day and self-medicate by drinking wine I don’t like, but its a mild alcohol compared with hard liquor. Prescription medicines for stress are quite dangerous; I’ve tried them and hated them. It just is NOT right for marijuana to be illegal.

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  2. Right On, Cyd! You keep speaking the truth and fearing NO MAN! Here is a really wonderful film that our friend Zach Klein made, produced, about one of my favorite subjects and person. Enjoy! And pass it on!!! We need it to go super viral!!


  3. I respect you very much for coming out of the closet and I truly wish more people would. However, most Americans live in states where it is not legal and coming out of the closet might equate to jail or prison time. I sure hope this idiocy ends soon; preferably before I die of old age (I’m 60 now).

    Only the stupidest among us actually believe that marijuana is such a bad thing that harsh punishment is deserved; Chris Christie as a shining example!


  4. Thank you for opening up and reporting about how you turned around and opened a new door because of corporate’s decision to fire you because of Cannabis. I was put in the same boat today, so If you don’t mind I would love to help you row this boat ashore and come out of my Cannabis Closet. Also the documentary “The Scientist” about Dr Mechoulam sheds light on the discovery and benefits of the many compounds found in Cannabis. His life and story a full one hour. Please watch and share, make viral, send to your elected government officials. Thank you


  5. Cyd, the 2 big problems we face right now are the PRESCRIPTION DRUG COMPANYS and the ALCOHOL COMPANYS lobbying to keep marijuana on the feds list of dangerous drugs!


  6. Great Website! I remember hearing about your story and thinking “That is so unfair”! I feel that employers should not be able to fire someone just for having THC metabolites in their system. What happened to you and Brandon Coats in Colorado is wrong. Thank you so much for your activism


  7. Dan,I feel for you,really,about the job crap.I was a school crossing guard for two years.This past year had a torn rotator cuff repaired.Well a different injury got aggravated from the inactivity.No insurance,needed pain meds but due to my system couldn’t use Tylenol,motrin or the other over the counter stuff.Just before the school year started got an pain med from the rfree clinic doc.on the 11th of aug. For two weeks prio to this I used a very little weed for the pain until I got the meds.Of coarse I stop using it when I got the meds,BUT after the first week of school I was random tested.It wasn’t long enough for it to be out of my system-darn it! I explain my situation to the chief.His response,he fired me.No suspension,no retested,nothing.I’m trying desperately to get the job back,why? I’m on disability and this job was perfect for me and my situation.I could do it,have a little extra money coming in etc.NO! I don’t drink,I can’t. Good luck Dear gal Danny


  8. What people have to understand is that all employers follow federal guide lines and laws.
    Even if marijuana is legal in their state for medicinal and recreational use the Feds don’t! Until marijuana is deemed legal it doesn’t matter if it’s legal in the state and people could loose their jobs for using it!
    In fact the Feds can still raid and convict legal shop owners and employees which includes property confiscated and federal enditments and federally imprisoned.
    Until our federal government deems it legal it’s still illegal. In actual fact they can legally confiscate all revenue and tax money generated from all sales.
    Not trying to scare people just stating the facts. So smoke at your own risk.
    Advocates for Marijuana legalization need to convince the Feds to legalize it.
    Believe me they have tried and with no success. That’s the grey area.
    Oh yeah please don’t get high in any federal owned parks which are policed by, you got it, federal law officers!


  9. I just read your article on yahoo. Everything you have said is correct. I commend you on your bravery. You are right. We need more examples like yourself to stand up and show the world that most marihuana users are contributing productive members of society. If it wasn’t for how we are slaves to our jobs I would come out and admit that I am a marijuana user. But frankly I need my job to survive and coming out seems impossible. That’s the problem today for all users… Again I love your bravery and support you to the fullest


  10. I too lost my job, license, and a great career , I loved for more than 25 years for testing positive for marijuana….It was ironic, that I smoked my first weed in Vietnam in 1969 while a US Marine, and 32 years later. the DOD took my license !They offered to let me go through drug re-hab, at my own expense, but I refused because I didn’t consider myself an addict. Keep up the good work!


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