September 2nd Talk on Employee Drug Testing in Bellingham, WA


Tomorrow evening, September 2nd, I’ll be giving a talk on employee drug testing in Bellingham, Washington. I’ll be discussing my story, my journey as a cannabis activist so far, and why current drug testing policies need to change.

If you’d like to hear me speak and learn more about this hot-button issue, I’d love to see you there. Here’s the link to the Facebook event, sponsored by 2020 Solutions, with more details!

“The television reporter whose firing after a drug test sparked outrage throughout the country will tell her story and discuss how unfair such tests are for many. Admission is free! Cyd Maurer is formerly the morning weekend anchor at KEZI in Eugene, Ore.”

Hope to see you there!


2 thoughts on “September 2nd Talk on Employee Drug Testing in Bellingham, WA

  1. Hi Cyd,
    It has been some time since I commented and I was curious if you had any follow up on this section relating to employee drug testing. I am also surprised there were no comments on this section. This seems to be the heart of your cause and most of us feel the same that cannot come out yet. It seems that even if cannabis were legal in all 50 states employers would still not allow the use of it in a person’s private life. Just today there was an article on the net about cannabis users (off the job in their private lives) being no good for employment. I think I have heard that if cannabis does become legal in Arizona they will be the only state that recognizes the urine test for cannabis metabolites is downright injustice. Their supreme court is the only court in the nation that recognizes this. I really believe if it does become legal nationwide then if employers want to push zero tolerance than no one should be allowed to consume alcohol in their private lives either. This will then bring about the lawsuits of change. As we have said before, we are smart and intelligent people with good work ethics and passionate about our jobs and working hard to support our families. I was let go due to random testing even though I was never under the influence on the job. I was told I was the best of the best only to be treated as the lowest of the lowest when I was found out. What do you think Cyd? Do you have any updates on drug testing? Are there any drug testing companies or any prominent companies or people behind you and your cause to educate employers on the drug testing injustice? What do the cannabis coalition organizations have to say about this topic within the legalization movement? One more thing before I go is that I have never heard any officials or Presidential candidates being asked anything but open ended questions on cannabis legalization. How about some questions you and your fellow advocates support?
    1. Knowing the truth as to why cannabis was put on the schedule list (not for any scientific or level of dangerousness studies), why do you not support the removal from the schedule list?
    2. Recognizing the CDC as an official entity of the United States on diseases and substances that list 0 deaths from cannabis and that it is proven that cannabis is over 100 times safer than alcohol and cigarette consumption why do you still support the prohibition of cannabis?
    3. Knowing the United States government itself has determined and supported distribution of cannabis for medical purposes why do you continue to say cannabis has no medical purposes or we need further studies? What about all the studies done to date and especially studies done in Israel?
    4. If cannabis is legalized and regulated like alcohol would you support employers continuing to perform an injustice of drug testing that does not prove a person is under the influence on the job?

    Would they even allow those questions?


  2. Cyd, I am truly sympathetic to your situation. Once upon a time I avidly enjoyed the herb, but for personal reasons I gave it up many years ago. However, the battle you’re fighting is much bigger than employers testing for weed; it’s the larger issue of employers acting like they own their employees, and can invade their privacy in any way they deem appropriate. Tobacco is legal everywhere in this country. However, there are many companies which stipulate that their employees cannot smoke, either on or off the job, will be tested for tobacco use, and dismissed if they come up positive. Moreover, the courts have consistently decided in favor of these employers and ruled that employment under these stipulations is a privilege, not a right. Unfortunately your situation had nothing to do with what’s legal, and everything to do with violating a company policy to which you had previously acquiesced and stipulated in writing . Do I think this is right? Not in a million years. However, trying to fight this is guaranteed to be a losing proposition.


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