Hempstalk and The Hemp & Cannabis Fair: Speaking Events Fuel Confidence


kvalWhat a weekend! I was luck enough to speak at both Hempstalk in Portland, and The Hemp and Cannabis Fair in Eugene.

Every event I go to, I’m just more encouraged to stick to my message. The support is so energizing, and it gives me the confidence to keep going. Drug testing is bad business practice! I’ve found most people, cannabis users or not, agree with me on that, which tells me I just need to keep speaking out… until everyone is listening! The facts are on my side.

Thank you KVAL-TV​ for covering my talk on Sunday! Here’s a look at the story by Ellen Meny:



One thought on “Hempstalk and The Hemp & Cannabis Fair: Speaking Events Fuel Confidence

  1. The law should read like this : You can’t smoke pot on the job, period ! What you do on your own time is your business, NO matter if pot stays in your system or not. Apparently the government is will to do anything to win the war, even going as far as having people fired for having it in their system. It’s an unjust policy, created to put fear into the public for enjoying the weed. It’s NOT Fair, an is unjust, if they can’t control the people who want to smoke pot, they will just intimidate the hell outta them. You can show up for work hung-over like a big red drunk, and work a half pace, and they say nothing. Cause alcohol is legal, plus it’s killing 500k a year, in my book that’s right out genocide of the masses, it’s the way the government controls the population rate. Our government representatives, congressman, senator’s & the like have millions of dollars invested in the alcohol & drugs industry & refuse to have any competition . And they have to power to manipulate in their favor. They are willing to resort to any tactic’s to keep it that way. It’s basically a catch 22.

    You my fine young lady have set the standard for us all. You might have lost you job, but would you really want to work for a company that is dictated by government policy ? I don’t think so. I for one salute you in your cause. A few months back I lost my doctor in the same manner, she pulled a piss test on my ass, found weed in it & informed me that she could not longer issue me pain medication, cause of government policy. I’m NO longer with that doctor, plus she lost that insurance check due to her being intimidate by government policy.
    That’s just how low the government is willing to go to win the war on weed. What I don’t get is this: companies are willing to tolerate homosexuality, which is a sin against Gods written word, but will NOT tolerate a pot smoking hard worker. That doesn’t make sense.


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