Why I’m Sharing My Story

I recently lost my job as a local news anchor, solely because I use marijuana in my free time. Despite the fact that I was always completely sober while at work (and that my immediate supervisors wanted me to keep my job), I was fired.

I feel discriminated against and am ready to speak out about the hypocrisies surrounding marijuana and alcohol use. Marijuana is safer than alcohol in every way, yet alcohol is accepted and even glorified, while marijuana is demonized.

I think much of the issue stems from a lack of exposure – we need more realistic examples of responsible and normal marijuana users! And that’s why I’m sharing my story.

I want everyone to realize that many “stoners” out there are just like me – breaking the mold of the loser stereotype. I truly believe once you learn the facts about marijuana, you’ll understand why misguided laws and policies need to change.

I’m not ashamed of using marijuana and I don’t believe I did anything wrong. If you disagree, at least give me a chance to change your mind.

14 thoughts on “Why I’m Sharing My Story

  1. Hi Cyd,

    While I’m truly sorry you had to lose your job over this, I’m thrilled that you responded by fighting back and helping us fight this battle against ignorance….and politics. I’ve been a full-time activist for 13 years here in Washington…where we just lost medical marijuana after 18 years. Aside from being an activist, I’m one of the VERY few civilians that are certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the “Standardized Field Sobriety Test”, as well a being a “Drug Recognition Expert”. I’m an expert witness in marijuana DUI case. What you don’t know about pot and the DUI laws WILL hurt you. I’d love to show you how ridiculous this idea of “drugged driving” is, and show you that there is no science behind this whatsoever. I think you’ll be amazed. It would make a great video to expose the myth of “stoned driving”. You’re very lucky no one was actually hurt in the accident. You would have been charge criminally….even though you weren’t impaired!

    Please contact me…

    Steve Sarich
    Executive Director
    Cannabis Action Coalition


  2. I applaud you for taking a stand. I don’t totally agree with you about not harming. I saw my step-dad use it and it ended up killing him due to poor judgement over long time use. But that is another story. But the biggest issue is not your visitors and the ordinary folk out there but the legal system in this country and the fear of being sued. The number one destroyer of someones life is being taken to court for anything. The fear is not in the ‘weed’ per say but that if you do something wrong, that one mistake, and they new the ramifications, that they can be sued big time. So it didn’t matter how good you were. What matters is if someone could have sued them over a discrepancy that you did, allowing you in a less than sober manner. It has happened time and time and time again. The more this country is sue-happy, the more the scales of sense will go to the side of the lawyer and not the common man. Exceptions don’t count. If you are an activist, that I feel will be your hardest tackle. Just think, security guards and employees in stores are not allowed to touch a man stealing, in case he trips or gets hurt and sues. How wild a world is that. But good luck to you. Many people have recreational use to get a little relief in life from the stress. The problem arises from idiots who don’t use common sense and then sue and pass blame.


  3. Hey Cyd,
    Just wanted to show our support and send you some love.
    It’s people like you who are breaking the stereotypical mold and putting yourself out there for the world to see. Helping break the stigma attached to being a ‘stoner’.
    If you ever want to publish a piece on our site you are more than welcome.
    Toke on.


  4. Good for you. This is another example of corporate greed not allowing marijuana or cannabis to be a product for the marketplace due to greed and manipulation of the market. It is the age old story that if you go against the corporate society you will be ridiculed and the lies and misinformation will run rampant in the American media and society. Although I do think in the injustice that has been levied or imposed on your civil and personal rights, I think the bigger question is why? The cannabis and marijuana industry has so many values and so many possible products that if produced could eliminate 100s of products that are used daily and these multi-national corporations would loose billions yearly. And in time trillions. It is easier to villainies these Hemp products and make people fear them, than to try to make their product better and cheaper. Sadly this is the result of capitalism. Capitalism has never been a free market, never will be a free market. Capitalism has always been a a corporate run society that has no interest in social values but only self interests. But I do know people are beginning to wake up. And because of a few states legalizing Cannabis, a new day and new movement of truth and democracy is becoming a reality. So for a time these corporate overloads will fight tooth n nail to suppress and manipulate the media to make these product evil the same as making social democracy evil. Both are contrary to the capitalist market because both represent democracy something the multinational corporations and corporatists want you to know nothing about. Hemp, Marijuana, Cannabis are green and renewable. I applaud you and my hope is you are able to educate our society for all the wonderful products that not only help people but make their lives better.


  5. Hey Cyd congrats with the dailymail uk coverage, that one seemed to get a lot of attention with 100 comments last time I checked. I think you should share your story with theweedblog.com it’s the most popular marijuana activist blog in the US if not the world and the main author/founder is from Oregon. I already sent sent him your story through their facebook page and their website but you should try as well for a better response, maybe even a guest post? The blog get’s over 5 million hits per month. Check it out.

    Keep fighting the good fight!



  6. Hi Cyd,
    Millions of us feel the same way and thank you for “coming out”. No one should be under the influence of anything on the job. That is our point! We are not! Many like myself have had this happen. We are with you however many cannot speak out or “come out of the woods” so to say. It is a death sentence for jobs, careers, and our “place in society”. If you could have stayed at your job they would have put you in rehab and random tested you for a year. All the while getting their alcohol buzz. We all know what those consequences can be for some people. They don’t trust us to make decisions and perform our jobs because of their ill-informed ways even though we were told before we were found out that we were so good at our jobs. Yet we all know alcohol is a brain cell killer. Legalization will get it out of the children’s hands and save their developing brains. Cyd, try to accept anonymous posts and especially do anonymous surveys. The only way this will ever get solved is to get it off the schedule status. It is not a president, or attorney general, or even congress that can do this. Corporate America will not let them do it. Corporate America runs this country. The alcohol, pharmaceuticals, prisons, rehabs, and many others don’t want to lose money. That is what is all about. The American people will have to do this themselves. Picture a Saturday in the spring of 2016 where at least 1 million people can do a peaceful civil rights march in Washington D.C. and attend a day long peaceful presentation on the cannabis medical, recreational, and hemp products industries. There this can be brought to the forefront of the presidential election. No profanity Charlo Greene. They will use it against us. We are not stoners or potheads! We are hard working and otherwise law abiding citizens. We are good people that take good care of our families and responsibilities in life. How would anyone that drinks any form of alcohol or even one drink like to be labeled an alcoholic! How many have died in alcohol related deaths? Millions! How many have died from weed? Zero! What a sick society. Anyhow, begin the day long program with the history from the 1930’s on up to today. From the Henry Anslinger days and Hearst and Dupont. The Schaeffer Commission and others who long ago knew the truth. Bring the Charlotte’s Web boys from Colorado, the lady in Kansas who had her child taken, to the lady and husband in a Midwest state who where prominent artists in their city only to be awoken at 3 am with DEA flashlights and guns in their faces for a few grams of weed they smoked once in awhile. All the pro groups like MPP and others to celebrities (Susan Sarandon) and maybe wind up with a few peaceful songs. There and then peacefully demand to the powers that be that this injustice and draconian laws be changed. Peace, love, and prayers to our God for you, your family, and to all in the land to end this prohibition. Hope to remain anonymous here because I do have loved ones to support and take of. But, like you it is so hard to “stay in the woods” anymore. God Bless All!


  7. Wow! Look at you! Fired from one job. Make a stand. Get other offers right out of the gate! Proud of you and what you’ve made of your situation! Blessing on you and your bright future!


  8. Good for you, Cyd! Marijuana has been demonized for far too long, and it’s people like you serving as our public champions that will help regular marijuana users become accepted as normal members of society.


  9. I sincerely appreciate what you and other activists are doing around the country. I always enjoyed smoking, that is until my kids were born. Since then I had refined from consuming out of fear of arrest. Last fall I went to Seattle and bought and consumed pot legally and it was liberating. Upon returning home I spoke to a few friends and learned about local medical dispensaries. After much soul searching and deliberation I decided to pursue a medial marijuana card. My life has changed dramatically ever since. Prior to obtaining my card, I was on anti-depressants, binge drinking and unable to sleep. After obtaining my card I have completely given up alcohol and most pharmaceuticals, I still take meds for allergies, I also have a regular sleep-wake schedule.

    There are a few things I’ve learned about marijuana since I started my legal pot journey. One different strands have different effects. Most regular users know the differences between indicas and sativas, but even within the strands the effects are different. Some provide a very clear head, while support creativity. Because of this I enjoy going to the dispensary and talking with the proprietors about the different strands and making an educated purchase, or repurchasing the strands that have provided me with the desired effects. This is much different than the old days of just buying a bag of weed. Two marijuana controls my appetite. Previously my diet was terrible, lots of fast food and over-eating while drinking. When I smoke, I don’t get the munchies, I feel full and as a result I am losing weight. Weight that I needed to lose for health reasons. Three my bowel movements are more regular. Not something you always want to discuss, but I was never regular before and now I am, another health benefit. Four, I used to get up several times in the middle of the night to use the restroom, I now sleep through the night. Five, I have alway been introverted, but find my self more social. I walk over to the neighbors more frequently and seem to enjoy my time with my friends and family more. Six, I experience improvements in my motor skills, in particular with games of skill. I am more focused and have better body control playing ping pong, corn hole or shooting baskets. Seven, I am happy and this is the greatest benefit of all. No more antidepressants.

    Going from being depressed to happy is life changing. My relationship with my wife and family have improved and my future looks brighter than it ever has. Yet with all the advantages, there are drawbacks. First as a father of two teenage girls I have to hide my usage. I keep my pot in a locked case and smoke when I can be sure they cannot see. I want to tell them, but my wife disagrees and she has a valid point, we don’t announce to the kids when we’re going into the bedroom for sex. Why should I announce to them I’m going to smoke pot. My problem with it is this, it’s perfectly ok to have a beer in their presence, but not ok to smoke. Second, as a senior business leader drinking is encouraged and most events have cocktail hours. I don’t mind sitting there and drinking water, but the peer pressure gets annoying. It would be nice if I could walk outside and take a hit or two at these events, but I don’t. Third, edibles are dangerous. I think there is significant opportunity in the marketplace for edibles, but the ones I have tried are dangerous. It takes a long time for the effects to set in and they last a long time. I did not enjoy it. Four there is still the risk to be fired. I don’t want that, no one does, but I do deserve the right to be healthy and happy and marijuana has given me a path to that, a path that alcohol interfered with for many years.

    Like you I don’t fit the typical stoner mold. I am a recognized subject matter expert in my field and hold a masters degree. I don’t consume during business hours and don’t consume every day. I actually don’t smoke much at all, maybe the equivalent of a joint a week. I smoke some nights before bed to aid me in falling asleep, the stress of my job causes my mind to race and makes it difficult to fall asleep, with cannabis I am able to gradually fall asleep and sleep through the night. Which leads to greater levels of productivity throughout the day. I smoke when I do yard work and find I get a lot more done. I don’t drive under the influence. When I do smoke its usually only a hit or two anything more than that gives me anxiety.

    I applaud your courage. I want to scream from the roof tops that I smoke and am a good law abiding individual, but there is still too much at risk. Mortgage, college and weddings all have staked a claim on my finances and I want to hold to those commitments. I enjoy my profession and working for my employer, I don’t want to lose that. The new struggle in my life is coming to terms with the benefits of my use and I ask myself the following questions every day “If I had to choose between my job and my happiness what would I choose?”, “Can my story help others struggling with depression and mental illness?”, “Could I work for less money if I was able to help people?”. In my heart I know the answers, but unlike you do not yet have the courage to write my name on this post. I hope someday I can work with you as an activist or better yet this nation legalizes marijuana and we focus our efforts on other initiatives for the greater health and well being of the people.


  10. Hi Cyd!

    I reside in California, worked for a Fortune 500 company, top producing sales representative (2014) and I was fired in January 2016, for MM. I have a serious medical condition (cervical neck fusion C4-7) as well as kidney problems. I have a very compelling message I would be honored to share with you. My recent progress might be helpful to your cause. Please reply back to me😀


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