This strain of medicinal cannabis was arrived at by combining the XXX strain and the OG Kush strain.  With a 75 % Indica strain dominance, this is still very much a hard-hitting combination of the marijuana.  The physical appearance of the XXX OG Kush strain is to be noted for the conical formation, and the predominance of trichomes coated a thick white coat.  This strain must be pointed out for the slightly compressed set form that it is made of and the very pungent aroma that it produces.

The high brought on by the XXX OG Kush starts at the top of the head and to travel downward till the whole body is covered in total.  It must be said of the onset of the effects that it is one of the most gradual ones to be had but more importantly, the high does last a good while.  Most of the hardcore users of the strain insist on using just the bare minimum quantity and would await the onset of the effects, which is bound to come but a little slowly at best.

XXX OG Kush Clone Strain Qualities

All the cannabis clones sold strains used as medicinal marijuana do have their strong points.  It is a matter of finding the predominance of a particular point over the other in each of the cases.  Moreover, the person seeking to use the cannabis would be advised to understand the effects well and to use the strain that does bring on the best impact as far as possible.

It is sort of understood that the use of medicinal marijuana, no matter how well controlled, does have some negative side to its use.  Here it is the lowered thinking capability and often a lack of clarity in the thoughts.  People that have used XXX OG Kush strain have experienced very little diminished mental capability, and it is mainly to be noted for the exuberance that it provides.  This must be watched out for as often people could lose their bearing if not handled properly.

XXX OG Kush Strain for Sale

XXX OG Kush Strain for Sale

Each of the varieties of medicinal cannabis does introduce sedation, and it is more a matter of how much in each of the cases.  People using the XXX OG Kush strain is warned against driving or taking part in any activity that needs sharp thinking ability.  The most suitable situation would be to have a good lie down after the administration of the marijuana.

Above and all to the above, the XXX OG Kush strain does have the below-mentioned qualities.

XXX OG Kush strain clone effects:

-Strong sedation.  The substantial effect created by the strain does bring on the high degree of sedation. This could come in handy to those who have irregular sleep patterns and when it is difficult to fall asleep.  It is a recommended treatment form for insomnia and must be attempted only under the proper supervision.

-Stimulating.  People that have used the XXX OG Kush strain have often claimed to have seen flashes of light and even some psychedelic experiences, and thus the use of the product must be done under controlled conditions.  It is never advised to be used while all alone or by oneself.

-Anti-inflammatory properties. There have been instances when pain and irritants like headaches and body pains have been relieved by the use of the medicinal cannabis.

XXX OG Kush Dosage Recommendations

It would be hard to recommend a preferred dosage to the cannabis strain.  This has to do with the fact that most reaction to the substance is very subjective and does get influenced by a lot of physical factors.  Thus the most suited of situations would be to use a dosage and administration that is suited to the individual in each of the occasions.

Extreme high doses are to be avoided with the XXX OG Kush strain.  Most people do have dry mouth, and this could well be a common grouse with those using the product.


Like any other strain of medicinal marijuana, the XXX OG Kush does provide for a set of unique experience standards.  The actual use must be under proper medical guidance as there are a number of individual areas in the use of the cannabis strain.