Chico Valley OG

Chico Valley OG

The Chico Valley OG strain in Clones for Sale of medicinal cannabis is a potent Sativa dominant hybrid that is preferred for use in controlling and managing pain. It has its origins in the California valley and has its roots in Afghan territory. With reasonably small flowers and a quick time to blossom, this medicinal cannabis does make up for an unfortunate appearance by having a sharp kick to it. The strong earthy flavor does make it harsh to smoke and would be the preferred route to use a vaporizer.

Chico Valley OG The strain of cannabis

With a strong Indica body, the strain of cannabis does take some time to feel and more importantly takes a while to leave the system too. Thus it would be possible to have a good rush with just a little bit of the cannabis. First-time users would be advised to wait a while to get the hang of the haze that comes with the smoke.
Sedation is almost instantaneous, and few people would need some time to get used to the rush. It would be best to remain cautious when in this particular phase. The high euphoria is blunted and made moderate by the elevated state of the individual. It is possible to find the right balance of a rush and a smooth ride as well.

Chico Valley Og Strain
Chico Valley Og Strain

Chico Valley OG using as a medication

The close to 70% Sativa dominance does have its effects on the user. There is a thick rush of feelings which can often be taken for a high. However, it is when sufficient time is allowed to have the feel set deeper that the person finds true fulfillment. Most parts of the relaxation are sedative and help take away the person from any physical pain.

-Depression. Most of the strains of cannabis do have mood elevating properties but what has to be noted is that the euphoria must be with sufficient balance to find the right note. It has been possible for the Chico Valley strain to offer a level of pleasure that has been effective in relieving mood swings too.

-Pain. The part of pain where it can be managed; to provide relief to the individual, needs to be adequately understood. This strain of the cannabis is successful in blocking out the pain receptors and thus brings about a blunting of the soreness and disturbance associated with usual trauma.

-Energy levels. With most of the individuals, there is an energy rush which not only invigorates the person but can be relieving too. This would be suited to situations when a sudden burst of energy is needed and when fatigue needs to be controlled or offset.

-Appetite. It is a common factor with most people who use the Chico Valley strain to have a better taste for food. Since for the most parts, the action of the cannabis is more herbal than otherwise, this effect does vary with each set of individuals. It would be just right to not lay back on this factor when trying out the strain of medicinal cannabis.

Chico Valley OG

The appearance of the buds

There is the deep green base that comes with most cannabis strains and so too the sweet sticky feeling of suitable strains of marijuana. The Chico Valley is earthy and fresh to the smell and in flavor too. It is also one of the fastest of burn creators among the different strains of the cannabis.

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