There’re many ways to grow marijuana.

Some folks choose seeds for natural growth reasons; others choose growing clones, which are a faster, more effective method of growing genetically similar buds that were originally produced from a mother plant.

Interesting enough, marijuana can regrow itself from its former self. So, if you want to re-create your garden, clones are without a doubt the way to go.

A Clone is a rooted cutting that is identical to the mother plant. Cloning your own marijuana plants can be cost-effective and might give you a harvest that’s sustainable. 

Here are 12 effective tips for growing clones:

  1. To start cloning, you’ll need rooting hormone, rooting medium, water and a razor for taking cuttings. Clean the prop dome, cutting board, blades, scissors, and trays with a mild bleach solution and rinse well before starting.
  2. Remember to use healthy mothers to clone. The stronger the mother plant, the healthier the clones. wait for at least two months into the mothers’ cycle before taking cuttings.
  3. Ensure your infrastructure is built for growing the best clones for sale. Make sure you’ve a reliable light source, good ventilation, and other necessities.
  4. When taking the cuttings, search for lower branches that are sturdier and healthier. You want your cuttings to be between 8 to12 inches. After cutting, immediately dip the cuttings into the rooting stimulator.
  5. Place your fresh cutting in water immediately after removing them from the rooting stimulator.
  6. Remember to quickly slide the treated end of your clone into the rooting pellet or plug.
  7. Keep in mind that the clones are much more sensitive than already developed plants. Make sure to keep a close eye on them in the first 7 to10 days.
  8. Work efficiently and quickly. Since clones are further along than seeds, they grow faster so make sure you’ve all your supplies ready while maintaining your clones.
  9. Keep your work area sterile, as clones are vulnerable to bacteria. Ensure the roots are growing in healthy, clean soil.
  10. Make sure that your ventilation system is providing little to no breeze through. A little breeze will keep the air stagnant while too much breeze can dry out your clone. Little to no breeze is preferred.
  11. You don’t have to spray your clones with water, but if you have to, don’t overwater.
  12. Clones need a very specific amount of nutrients and light because they’re so sensitive. Just like any other new project, read up on your clone’s needs as it enters new growth stages.
12 Effective Tips For Growing Marijuana Clones
12 Effective Tips For Growing Marijuana Clones

Happy Growing!