Marijuana farmers have two options when it boils down to starting new plants: marijuana cloning or growing from seeds.

Today, it’s easier to buy marijuana clones than ever before, especially if you’re in states that have legalized medical and recreational use of marijuana.

And marijuana clones offer benefits that growing marijuana from seed can’t offer. But there’s a science and an art to cloning marijuana.

Here are our top rules for cloning marijuana successfully:

Top rules for cloning marijuana successfully
Top Rules For Cloning Marijuana Successfully

1.     Always Use Sterilized Equipment to Take Clippings

The first big thing marijuana farmers tend to ignore is using germ-free equipment when taking cuttings.

Bacteria and germs around your grow room like fungus and mold can spread to your clones through the cutting edge if it is not sterile.

If you are cutting into the plant with an unclean blade it will not grow correctly, so ensure your equipment is sterilized before using it to take cuttings.

2.     Take Your Marijuana Cuttings from a Healthy Mother

Cloning marijuana gives you genetic replicas of your mother plant. If your mother plants have strong genetics, are healthy and potent, your clones get the best start possible.

Don’t use pests infested and sick mother plants. The only exemption to this is if the pests or sickness can be eliminated from the clones. In a nutshell, if the mother plants are inferior, the clones are too.

3.     Use LED’s, T5’s, and CFL’s to Grow Your Clones

One of the main problems marijuana farmers have when growing clones is overpowering them with light. Marijuana clones need a lot of light to develop roots and grow, but that light has to be less intense than what you will use once it’s transplanted.

CFL and T5 grow lights can provide your clones the vegetative (blue) spectrum light they need without the intensity that could take it out.

4.     Ensure Your Clones are Under High Humidity

Your clones need a high humidity environment in the 75-95 percent humidity range until they have developed roots and sip water through them.

Most marijuana growers use humidity domes while others say the dome creates stem root or root rot conditions, so they would rather mist their marijuana clones than put a dome over them.

The best dome for cloning marijuana has in-built aeration vents. You want to un-dome or aerate your clones a few times a day so they get fresh air.

Keep in mind that with clones it is best to go for too much humidity instead of not enough. Until your cuttings have developed roots, if they are in dry air, they will die.

5.     Ensure Your Marijuana Clones Get Consistent Climate

Most of the best marijuana clones for sale prefer temperatures a bit higher than your grow room temperature, and they do not like a night and day cycle with temperature drops at night. That is why most growers root their clones under fluorescent lighting that stays on around the clock.


When you stick to these marijuana-cloning tips, your clones’ success rate should be almost 100percent.

Enjoy 100 percent marijuana cloning success!