What is the Difference between Cannabis Seeds and Cannabis Clones?

Cannabis plants reproduce through pollination. The male plant pollinates, the female plant produces the seeds. Once the seeds that have been grown off the female begin to mature, the female plant then begins to die and the seeds are released from its stem. Once the seeds have dropped to the ground, they then start the process all over again and grow for the following spring.

What is the Difference between Cannabis Seeds and Cannabis Clones
What is the Difference between Cannabis Seeds and Cannabis Clones

Much like children, cannabis seeds are created with the same kind of genetic power. What I mean by this is that the offspring (seeds) possess the unique ability to lean toward the mother or father when it comes to their genetic modification. In a lot of cases, the cannabis seeds also inherit traits from both to produce a mixture of the two parent plants. This difference between cannabis seeds and cannabis clones is that, while clones are identical to their mother plant, cannabis seeds do grow to create interchangeable makeup. But rather these seeds come out as a combination. However, in order to maintain a certain level of expectation, cannabis growers will eventually choose the best plan that has been produced from their seeds, dub it the “mother plant,” and begin the cloning process to offer the best clones for sale through proven history of the plants.

Cloning cannabis plants does take time and dedication. With that being said, this process may not be for everyone. So if you find yourself leaning toward purchasing cannabis seeds instead of growing them, you will need to first research the legal rules of whatever state you live in. Depending on where you are located will determine whether or not you are allowed to purchase them because it might be illegal to buy, sell, or even have cannabis seeds in your possession. (This is why research is absolutely crucial.) If you live within the United States, keep in mind that cannabis seeds are illegal at the federal level and even if you happen to buy some outside of the U.S. to keep as a souvenir, they and the persons in charge of them will be seized.

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