I recently lost my job as a local news anchor, solely because I use marijuana in my free time. Despite the fact that I was always completely sober while at work (and that my immediate supervisors wanted me to keep my job), I was fired.

I feel discriminated against and am ready to speak out about the hypocrisies surrounding marijuana and alcohol use. Marijuana is safer than alcohol in every way, yet alcohol is accepted and even glorified, while marijuana is demonized.

I think much of the issue stems from a lack of exposure – we need more realistic examples of responsible and normal marijuana users! And that’s why I’m sharing my story.

I want everyone to realize that many “stoners” out there are just like me – breaking the mold of the loser stereotype. I truly believe once you learn the facts about marijuana, you’ll understand why misguided laws and policies need to change.

I’m not ashamed of using marijuana and I don’t believe I did anything wrong. If you disagree, at least give me a chance to change your mind.